Knockout cup

The Geoff Date Knock Out Tournament
by 11 Jun
First Round
by 16 Jul
Second Round
by 13 Aug
on 10 Sep
1 H Stover B Churston Churston Churston
2 A
3 H Churston Churston
4 A Totnes B
5 H Ivybridge C Ivybridge B Ivybridge A
6 A Ivybridge B
7 H Cary Park B Ivybridge A
8 A Ivybridge A
9 H Stover A Stover A Newton & Noss Totnes A
10 A Avon Vale
11 H Newton & Noss Newton & Noss
12 A Newton Abbot
13 H Totnes A Totnes A
14 A
15 H Kingsbridge Park Cary Park A
16 A Cary Park A

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Up to date as of Sun 11 Feb 2018